Pub Crawl Sofia

Our Pub Crawl has only one rule: the quicker you are to finish your drink, the sooner you will get to the next bar.

What’s included in the Pub Crawl Sofia


If sitting in one spot for too long is not your thing then give the Pub Crawl a try. The faster you finish your drink, the sooner you get to the next bar. This offers you a dynamic start of your night, perfect after a hearty Bulgarian traditional dinner.

It’s an opportunity to experience the atmosphere in various Bulgarian pubs and bars and have a taste of the local nightlife. Our pub crawl offer is for those who make absolutely zero compromises when it comes to having fun and would rather take every opportunity than have to choose. Saving the best for last, finish the night in either a trendy Sofia club or a lap dance club.


Depending on the package that you will choose you will get from 1 to 3 beers.


You will have a local and friendly guide with you. For groups with more than 8 people you will get a second guide.


3-5 hours


  • 13€ with 1 beer – 3 hours
  • 16€ with 1 beer – 4 hours
  • 18€ with 2 beers – 4 hours
  • 21€ with 3 beers and 1 shot – 4 hours

Our Team’s tips

“Make sure to include the craft beer tasting of local and internationals”


What is the best time to start the pub crawl?

We recommend to start it at 21:00 or 22:00 right after dinner. Make sure to try our Bulgarian Traditional Dinner before the pub crawl.

What kind of bars we will get in?

Depending on the season you will always get to the best bars in Sofia. In the summer you will get into open air bars and rooftops.  

Can we have something else than beers?

Sure, just contact us to arrange it. It may be a little more expensive though. 

What club are we dropped in that end of the pub crawl?

You will get for free into one of the coolest clubs in Sofia (instead of paying a 5lv fee). They have live bands or dj sets with alternative music and a really nice crowd.  

If you want to attend a club with a VIP table service please contact us. 

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Fabian, Germany

Fun activities at its best! We stayed for 4 days and booked several activities. Everything was well organised and always on time. The karting and laser tag was great fun! Would do the same again! Thank you


Massi, Italy

We spend a Weekend in an amazing City.. To explore Sofia 100% you need to be there at least 4/5 days, unfortunately we had only a Weekend. Victor was really well prepared and made things for us in Sofia far easier, he had a plan for the whole time of our staying. This Company is serious and reliable.

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