You can see below what make us stand out compared to other agencies that offer Sofia as a Bachelor Party destination

Bachelor Party Sofia

  • Local agency and local team – We are all based in Sofia. You can call us and meet us anytime

  • 75 activities – Some of them are only offered by us like the Fake Bungee Jump, the Naked Sushi, the Craft Brewery Tour etc…

  • Best conditions – Our activities are always at the best venues and include drinks, guides and more. We have the best slots.

  • Limo Strip Tour — We are the only ones that have a 60 minutes drive and a 60 minutes strip show in the limousine. Drinks are always included

  • Nightlife — As locals we know where the good places are and where is the party. We take you to the best bars, clubs, restaurants


  • Foreign agency and no local team – Most of the agencies operate through suppliers which increases the price and offer no support

  • Less activities – 40 on average and only the essential ones like karting, paintball, strip etc…

  • OK conditions – Some activities like clubs, karting and others are in the cheaper venues.

  • Limo Strip Tour — Just a 15 minutes strip show for 1 hour drive. Drinks are often not included.

  • Nightlife — Venues are average and packed with other male groups. Drinks are cheap with average quality


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By Day

more than 40 activities

By Night

more than 20 activities

Fabian, Germany

Fun activities at its best! We stayed for 4 days and booked several activities. Everything was well organised and always on time. The karting and laser tag was great fun! Would do the same again! Thank you


Massi, Italy

We spend a Weekend in an amazing City.. To explore Sofia 100% you need to be there at least 4/5 days, unfortunately we had only a Weekend. Victor was really well prepared and made things for us in Sofia far easier, he had a plan for the whole time of our staying. This Company is serious and reliable.

Bachelor Party Sofia


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